Do we find ourselves through happiness or through pain?


When I was in pain, I hit rock bottom before I found myself through pain. I was born into a happy family and I chose a different direction from what I was taught.


Now that I believe in myself and the way that I was taught. My soul is happier; I found another side of me. A spiritual positive side that celebrates every moment I  Live and breathe. I want everyone souls to be happy.IMG_20161108_104559_0_1_0


Dungeon Tales Rap From the Book “Masterpiece The Brass Tacks” – SoundCloud

A mystery thriller. My Sound Track, is a scene in the book where the main character Nandi Blues had been kidnapped, drugged and is hallucinating. As she raps to her kidnappers about getting even. The animals, rodents, and insects around her are feeding off of her body and are high on the substance in her veins. Every creature in the room is hallucinating. Listen to Dungeon Tales Rap From the novel “Masterpiece The Brass Tacks” by Oman McCullough Fuqua #np on #SoundCloud

Unfolding Worldwide, Destiny Is Waiting On Your Maturity


As I matured over the years. I’ve learned how to forgive my rapist and the people who abused me and the people who broke my heart.

I was able to fall in love and allow my husband to love me back. Before forgiveness I was lost in my pain. Today the pain of being abused is gone.

My healing came after I got rid of the anger, hate, shame, and the unbearable feeling of revenge.  Today my heart feels pure and free.

I found I was never lost, God had always been with me. All I had to do was call on him from my heart and believe in Him Trust and have faith. 

Today I love life and even if I’m having a bad day. That one moment doesn’t steal my joy. I had to write Unfolding Souls to help you mature and take your life back. Live Love and be Happy.

It’s hard to put your life out there especially when people are used to you being miserable are depressed are chronically shy.

Some people like it when you’re miserable. Some people want to hear that you’re working on your self and be happy for you.

But when you tap into happiness and you wake up every morning happy they stopped listing to you because they don’t believe you. You have tapped into something they don’t have. All the time you were struggling to find peace of mind they thought they were better than you.

I’m going to tell my story whether the haters like it or not. When I hear that I have helped someone; it’s all worth it. My assignment from God is not about me.

My Journey was about learning to never give up. You have to earn happiness inside your heart. Once you’ve earned happiness it will always be yours to reflect to the world.

Helping to heal others is a challenge but I accept the challenge. Through my ups and downs I have a job to do for God.

Unfolding Souls is a must read for any type of healing to take place in your life. If you’re happy or sad it’s something in it for everyone. Motivate your life to the highest natural high. God.




Unfolding Souls is a dramatic story that unfolds the phases of the main character, Jamaica Gold. Her life depicts that of romance, secret addictions, abduction and attempted murder. This compassionate story is filled with inspirational moments that Jamaica dedicates to an abused world. She gives her all, as she explores and defines the character of mental and physical abusers. Jamaica unfolds confessions in poetry and notes to her readers. The world around her unfolds and Jamaica Gold unfolds her deepest emotions about love and living life as a victim of conspiracy and sex crimes and being attacked by one abuser after another. She always found herself picking up the pieces of her shattered life. Jamaica Gold saw the world through abused eyes. Her decisions were influenced by an abused mind-her poor heart assassinated. Jamaica’s life took on many dark characteristics which she acted out with strangers behind closed doors. While fighting unbearable depression, she searches to find her power as a woman. In this book, Jamaica Gold’s words captures abused souls and tries to mend broken lives. She leaves forgiveness in the air to set free the abused spirit. 

This Old Band

Two of my brother’s Bill and Gary, and their band member Joe love music so much, on weekends, they sing the Blues in Berkeley California outside a popular coffee house. They sale CDs of This Old Band. Blues is an expression that comes  from your soul and  it started with the African American slaves. Bill is the lead singer,. Bill says Blues is a state of mind deep emotions that comes from the heart. This performance is after his severe stroke and heart operation that left him helpless. He had to learn how to walk talk sing and play his guitar over again just imagine his voice before the stroke and even now it’s so beautiful.


I was in California on this beautiful day. I love listening to my family sing and Joe their band member. 👇

This was a nice day I wasn’t there but I love hearing Tim on the violin.

Reach the Unreachable 1



She was simply beautiful and as normal as any other girl. Mislead as so many other girls born to her generation. She tried and tried to rise above hard times and work towards her dreams.

You see, she grew up watching her parents abuse drugs and alcohol. She watch them turn tricks for drugs to witness them argue about it later after the drugs wore off.

Deep behind closed doors she was molested by her father and swore to herself she could never tell, blaming herself for her weaknesses her Depression was taking its toll in her mind soul and body.

She tried her best to make herself happy and to fall in love to Xscape the madness.

She knew, the house she grew up in would never become a home. Her promiscuous behavior made her life worse.

Suicide thoughts became her mission in life.

How would you try and reach her?

What would you say?